Use code completion in vim as in a sublime text


I would to have a autocompletion exactly as in sublime text but in vim.

I want this behaviour :

  • When I start to type a word, I want to have a box which suggest completions;
  • In the suggested completions, I want to have last words used;
  • I want to have functions finded through ctags;
  • I want to have standard functions for the language I'm using;
  • I want to have snippets;

There is a lot of plugins about autocompletion for vim and I'm lost.

Currently I'm using YouCompleteMe... It's very good, though I dunno whether it can be configured to sort words based on last usage. It has general fuzzy completion capabilities that will work on any file type (you may find fuzzy completion awesome), but it also contains semantic completion for C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ through libclang.

Particularly, I aways compile the lastest clang, libc++ and VIM from sources to tune and set VIM to use my environment python/ruby/etc and get a decent C++11 support. I then, compile YouCompleteMe from sources too, though I first install it through a plugin manager. My current choice is VAM, but there're others like Vundle and Pathogen.