Update the properties file using powershell


I want to update below property file contents using powershell and replace ${BuildPath} with location = D:\Data\Sample\lib


Could some one please help me logic on powershell to update this property file.


So you have a file with those properties in it yes? Who's to say how it was created or if that is the only contents? Lets just assume you have a file with lots of properties other than that just in case. You want to navigate the file replacing all occurrences* of ${BuildPath} with D:\Data\Sample\lib

$replacePath = "D:\Data\Sample\lib"
$newFile = Get-Content c:\temp\file.ini | ForEach-Object{
    $_ -replace '\${BuildPath}',($replacePath -replace '\\',"\\")
$newFile | Set-Content c:\temp\file.ini

This would give the following output in c:\temp\file.ini


* regex will only replace the first occurrence on each line. Doubt there would be more than one anyway.

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