Unable to import a module in reacjs


I am using reactjs and es6 and I defined a javascript as below.

export const VENDOR_LIST = [{
    vendor: []

In another javasript file, I want to import this file, so I used below code. But I always got VENDOR_LIST is undefined error in componentDidMount() method. What wrong with my code?

import VENDOR_LIST from  '../data/vendor'

    export class VendorList extends React.Component{

    console.log('select changed ', e);

    console.log('load vendor list data ',VENDOR_LIST);

    return (
      <select onChange={this.selectChanged}>
        <option value="A">A</option>
        <option value="B">A</option>
        <option value="-">Other</option>


To better explain how import statements work in ES6, in short it has to do with how the export is done in the file.

If you export with a default, then you can import it like you did using any named variable as that is what it is getting assigned to:

const foo = 'FOO';
export default foo;

import otherFoo from '/the/file';

Notice how I don't use curlies and I define it with any name I want.

Now if you export multiple things without the default:

export const foo = 'FOO';
export const bar = 'BAR';

import { foo, bar as otherBar } = from '/the/file';

Now you see that you HAVE to import them with their declared names in the file and using curlies. If you wanted to assign to a different variable you can always use the as notation.