Unable to connect ssh from Windows to Ubuntu


I am trying to login on my ubuntu server from windows pc using putty ssh but it says connection refused.

I am able lo login on ubuntu using command

$ ssh [email protected]

not able to login using remote server.

Please Help me.

I was having the same issue and nothing was working for me to connect to ec2 linux instance from Windows 7. Here is how i was finally able to connect.

1.) Download puttygen.exe and create a .ppk file from your .pem file that you downloaded from amazon. 2.) Use FireSSH (plug-in for Firefox), put in your host name, use 'ubuntu' (minus the quotes) for the Login, leave password blank and enter the location of the .ppk you created from puttygen.exe

Note: Oddly enough i was not able to connect using putty.exe but the private key it generates works fine with FireSSH