Unable to block incoming traffic on Windows 2008 Server using advanced firewall settings


I have a problem with windows 2008 advanced firewall settings. When i try to block inbound traffic it's not working correctly.

For example: I made a rule for inbound traffic:

Local port: All ports
External port: 80
Action: block

If I open a webpage using internet explorer, the website is opened just fine, while it shouldn't open because I blocked the inbound traffic on port 80

Is there a reason for this? Am I doing something wrong?

Declare the rule in the OUTBOUND traffic. The way you have it configured its not allowing someone on your network to connect your port 80 (web server).

So if you want to forbid browser navigation you have to block outbound traffic on port 80

PD: You should check also what are your default settings for inbound/outbound traffic. If you have both to permit by default then what is happening is what I explained before. You outbound traffic is permited so you can browse the web, and your inbound traffic is permited but you have a rules blocking port 80, so no one can telnet your machine or get information from your webserver in port 80 if available