Tool to compare two versions of the same C ++ function given the two source code files


I have a C++ function foo_bar inside the source code file lib.cpp.

I am using a revision control tool (CVS for Windows) and I need to compare foo_bar between two different revisions of lib.cpp, is there any suitable tool for my need?

The tool should be able to properly locate foo_bar inside the two revisions because for example in one revision foo_bar is at the top of the file while in a different revision it is at the bottom of the file.

I am using Visual Studio but it is not integrated with CVS.

Thank you.

You can do it with Araxis Merge. Open two revisions of lib.cpp and add Synchronization Link pointing to foo_bar in both revisions. On the other hand you can use any file comparison tool. Just paste two versions of foo_bar and compare them.