The WCF service reference does not include comments from the original service methods


I have created a simple WCF web service with a method. This method has comments on it.

Why does the comment not appear in the service reference for a consuming app?

Is there some other way to propagate to method comments to the proxy?

/// <summary>
/// Do some work
/// </summary>
public void DoWork()

It doesn't appear on the service reference because the comments aren't part of the service metadata. There are two options you can use to have the comments appear on the proxy:

  • Share the contract interface between the server and the client (i.e., not generate the proxy, but simply reuse your interface on the client side).
  • Use some custom WSDL export extension which is aware of the comments (or other attributes), and a custom WSDL import extension which can understand those when generating the client. The sample at is one possible implementation.