The third-party library requires a different version of the same DLL than my application


I'm writing an application that uses both Intel's TBB library, and an API from a company called Maplink, which also uses TBB. The problem is that both my application and the Maplink API want to load TBB.dll from the directory containing my application's binary. The version of TBB.dll that Maplink provided with their API differs from the one my application requires, and they can't both co-exist in the application's executable directory. Do I have any option here other than statically linking TBB into my application so that it doesn't try to load the wrong version of TBB.dll that the Maplink API is using?

As mentioned in the comments, you may put the newer version of tbb.dll into your application directory, and it should work properly for both the application and the 3rd party library it uses. For example, the recent version - TBB 4.2 - is binary compatible with old versions back to TBB 2.0.