The Symfony / Sylius site on Vagrant / Puphpet is slow. The same site does not work on a virtual box is not slow


We have one particular site that is Symfony and uses the e-commerce bundle Sylius.

Our developers are trying to use Vagrant so we can have similar dev environments. We use Puphpet to generate the Vagrant instance and share the config file.

If we are working on the site/repo natively or on a staging server, all runs fine. Pages load in around 2-3 seconds.

When we are using Vagrant / Virtualbox, it's 30-35 seconds per page load.

So far we've tried

  • Allocating up to 6GB to the box
  • Giving up to 4 processors to the box
  • Turning on NFS for file sync
  • Turning off all other programs on computers running Vagrant / Virtualbox (chat, other browsers, etc)

None of those things made an impact on page load time.

I can provide 2 things. One is the load trace from Symfony:

Since there is so much code to the puphpet config, I put it in a pastebin here:

What is OS on a host machine?

My guess would be that file system is slow. Try to run an app outside of shared folder on the guest machine. If it will be fast, then you'll spot a problem at least.

NFS on *nix or mac should be fast enough, are you sure you've succeed to turn it on?

I had this pain once, and finally started to use unison instead of native vagrant's file sharing system (