The simulator can not be started because it is already in use. Each race


I know this is an issue that was already discussed here many times before, But there is now solution for my problem and its really serious.

Every second time I try to run the simulator i get get this bothering message:

"The Simulator can't be launched because it is already in use."

Closing the simulator does not help.

I need to quit Xcode every single time this happens!

I trying restarting my computer several times.

Please help me, I find my self restarting Xcode 50 times a day. This is totally frustrating.

Very simple, to avoid further problems we will do "complete" procedure.

On iOS Simulator, you must force quit.

In Xcode, press COMMAND + SHIFT + "K" (letter k) keys; to empty the cache of the application and ensure that all works out.

On then quit Xcode (I recommend that you restart your Mac after this procedure done, if the problem persists) Good luck