the native run-ios reacts does not work


I have a react native ios and it was working fine, suddnly it's working only in Xcode but not in terminal using this command:

react-native run-ios
react-native run-ios --device

Both of command are not working in the root directory, I tried to delete node_modules folder then run:

npm install; react-native link;

Unfortunatly it's not working, here are my logs:

Any Help!

Seems that you have a lot of missing libraries which are not downloaded for some reason, I recommend that you should delete all downloadable libs then start over again:

  • delete node_modules/ folder

    • delete ios/Pods folder
    • delete ios/build folder
    • run: npm install
  • run: cd ios; pod install; cd../
  • run: react-native link

That's it