The most effective way to replace multiple characters in a string


Let's say there is a string of any length, and it only contains the letters A through D:


What is the most efficient/fastest way to replace every 'B' with an 'C' and every 'C' with a 'B'.

Heres what I am doing now:

replacedString = ''
for i in s1:
    if i == 'B':
        replacedString += 'C'
    elif i == 'C':
        replacedString += 'B'
        replacedString += i

This works but it is obviously not very elegant. The probelm is that I am dealing with strings that can be ones of milliions of characters long, so I need a better solution.

I can't think of a way to do this with the .replace() method. This suggests that maybe a regular expression is the way to go. Is that applicable here as well? If so what is a suitable regular expression? Is there an even faster way?

Thank you.

Apart from the str.translate method, you could simply build a translation dict and run it yourself.


def str_translate_method(s1):
        translationdict = str.maketrans("BC","CB")
    except AttributeError: # python2
        import string
        translationdict = string.maketrans("BC","CB")
    result = s1.translate(translationdict)
    return result

def dict_method(s1):
    from, to = "BC", "CB"
    translationdict = dict(zip(from, to))
    result = ' '.join([translationdict.get(c, c) for c in s1])
    return result