The local Git master branch is displayed differently than the current version, even though it is up-to-date


I have been working on one of the pages of my Django project on my local Git branch, and am now looking to merge those changes with my master branch.

I have checked out my local master branch, and viewed the page locally in the browser, however, what is being displayed by my local master branch is different to what is being displayed on the live version of the project.

When I view this particular page on the live version, it displays a PDF embedded in a 'tabbed content' area within the webpage, and on one of the tabs, the PDF shows a table with four columns.

However, when I view this page on my local master branch, the same tab shows a PDF displaying a table with only two columns... (choosing which columns to display on the PDF was the thing that I was most recently working on).

I have tried running a git pull origin master from my local master branch, to make sure that my local version is the same as/ up-to-date with the version on the live server, and Git displays a message stating that it is

Already up-to-date

But if this is the case, then why am I not seeing all of the same columns displayed in the PDF table on my local version as I am in the live version?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming that when you say "live version", you are talking about the project on a server.

Once your merged your changes onto the local master branch from your local git branch (i.e git merge your_local_random_git_branch), these changes need to be pushed to your server not the other way around.

The reason why it shows

Already up to date.

after doing git pull origin master, is because the remote repository is behind the local master branch so there is nothing to change on the local master branch. What you want to do is to push your changes from the local master branch like this:

git push origin master