The function is not listed under Object.keys or Object.getOwnPropertyNames but can be invoked


Suppose there is some library javascript object jsObj. On calling Object.keys or Object.getOwnPropertyNames , I get a list of properties like


But still I can call a function like jsObj.e(). Why the the method e is not part of Object.keys or Object.getOwnPropertyNames? How they are doing it?

Here, it says that Object.getOwnPropertyNames will return non enumerable properties too. So what is the characterstic of property like e above.

I am using opentok server side SDK. Using following code,

var OpenTok = require('opentok');
var opentok = new OpenTok(config.tokbox.apiKey, config.tokbox.secret);
console.log("opentok1", Object.getOwnPropertyNames(opentok));
prints -> // [ '_client',
  'listArchives' ]
console.log("opentok2", opentok.createSession);
prints -> function (...){...}

Object.e must be defined on the object's prototype. Like this:

var test = function() {}
test.prototype = { e: function() { return 'e'; } }
var obj = new test();
Object.keys(obj) // returns []
obj.e() // returns 'e'

A way of getting the prototypes keys is simply getting the prototype and the use the Object.keys() function:


This will however not give you keys of the prototypes prototype.