The development branch and the trunk are inconsistent and I can not synchronize them


I am somewhat lost in merges. I develop in a single branch and merge it into the trunk when a piece of code is done. Somehow, there are still differences between the trunk and branch, which means every time I switch from the branch to the trunk or the otherway around, several files are updated, added and deleted.

As said, I am somewhat lost and think there must be a pretty easy solution to this; I just don't see it.

Any help or pointers are appreciated. If there's more information you need, please ask.


I have now manually edited all files to be identical and have commit them several times. All files are now technically the same, but for some reason, when switching from branch to trunk or the other way around, they still appear as updated files.


When switching still 4 files and 1 directory appear as updated, even though they are EXACTLY the same across the branch/trunk. Is there any way to fix this and why could it be happening?

Any ideas?

In order to successfully reintegrate a branch, you first have to merge all revisions from the trunk to the branch. This will put the branch in perfect sync with the trunk (in theory). Once this is done then you should be able to reintegrate the branch into the trunk.

Also, I just had to reintegrate a branch myself and messed it up the first time. What I eventually did was check out a fresh copy of the branch from prior to the botched merger, then I ran the merge on the clean copy and updated and was finally able to make it go through.

If when you try to reintegrate the branch you receive an error about missing revisions, these will be revisions that you need to specifically merge from the trunk to the branch and then try again.