The DataGridView vertical scroll bar does not update properly (Form a bug?)


I've encountered a bug (I assume) in .NET 3.5. When adding rows to a DataGridView using Rows.Add(), while the DGV is disabled, the vertical scrollbar doesn't update properly. Consequently you can't scroll all the way to the bottom of the DGV using the scrollbar or the mouse wheel after reenabling the DGV (navigating with arrow keys still works, though.)

So I'm looking for a workaround. Is there a way to force the scrollbar to update its bounds or can you manually input a new maximum value? I'd rather not have to repopulate the DGV.

*) Actually, it's the parent form that's disabled, but I assume the problem is that it propagates to the DGV control.

I've just had this problem (my form was disabled while adding rows) and solved it by setting the scrollbar property of the grid to 'None' before adding the rows then setting it back to 'Both' once all my rows have been added.