the color of a black image can not be changed to a unit


the color of a black image , or the black part of a image, can not be changed.

I set the image's color to red, but the image is still black.

Is that a desired feature?

What i want is , the image is changed to red.

the Unity version is 5.0.1f. I am using the new UI.

To understand the source of the problem, you have to understand how "changing colors" work. It's nothing but a simple multiplication. In RGB terms, "black" is a vector of (0, 0, 0) — and it's pretty obvious, that whatever you multiply the 0 by, it stays black.

If you want the template image to be able to change to any color, use white.

To modify colours in a more complex way, you have to understand how the Color property of a Image component works. UI system hides a lot of complexity underneath (and it's good). Basically, Color modifies the vertex colours of a mesh. Since you don't usually specify a material, a default sprite material is used, and it uses a default sprite shader. And inside this shader, when it paints the pixels on the screen, it multiplies the vertex colours by the texture colour sampled at this pixel, and that's how it produces the end result. If you want the colours to be combined in a different way, you'll have to write a custom shader — which is really not as hard, but you probably don't need it for what you're trying to do in the scope of this question.