The best way to cross-site with JavaScript?


Until the cross-site XHR API becomes widely supported, what is the best way to make a cross-site request through JavaScript? I've been using iFrames, but those can get a bit messy. Is there a better way? (By better, I mean easier to work with.)

Also, I'd prefer to see pure JavaScript code, not a framework such as jQuery, etc. I'm using my own mini-framework and I don't want to have to look up how they did it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have no control over the target server, so I can't use the dynamic <script> tags method.

There are 2 common ways I know of. One is using a proxy on your server, basically a php file fetching the data for you.

The other is using dynamic script tags. More info here:

Page 9 of this slideshow also has some info: