The background image does not work at all


I have been researching for a while to how to get my background image to work on different screen resolutions. After many failed attempts I noticed I can't even get a normal css background in. It's not the file, I have tried different formats. Code for the different screen resolutions:

html {
  background: url('background.jpg') no-repeat center center fixed;
  -webkit-background-size: contain;
  -moz-background-size: contain;
  -o-background-size: contain;
  background-size: contain;

The code the normal background:

body {
    background-image: url('Background.jpg');

That is strange. Did you check that the path to your image is correct? For example if the image is inside an "example" folder, the path should be "example/myImage.png".

As for a responsive background, I believe you are on the right track, although a simple background-size: 100%; would have been enough. Check this Jsfiddle

Also try using an external image, like in my example, just in case.