The angular UI-Router can not resolve the child state (with the dynamic URL parameter) from its parent state


I have a parent state with data that I would like to use for making child states with dynamic URL params. Currently, I am getting this error, "Error: Could not resolve 'authors/view/Baxter Richard' from state 'dash/authors'".

In my router.js file:

      .state('dashboard', {
        url: "/auth/dashboard",
        templateUrl: 'angular/dashboard.html',
        controller: 'DashboardController',
        resolve: {
          user : function(UserService) {
            return UserService.get();
          user_drive : function(UserDriveService) {
            return UserDriveService.get();

      .state('dash/authors', {
        parent: 'dashboard',
        url: "/authors",
        templateUrl: 'angular/partials/dash.authors.html'

      .state('authors/create', {
        parent: 'dash/authors',
        url: "/create",
        templateUrl: 'angular/partials/dash.authors.create.html'

      .state('authors/view', {
        parent: 'dash/authors',
        url: "/:title",
        templateUrl: 'angular/partials/'

      .state('dash/epubs', {
        parent: 'dashboard',
        url: "/epubs",
        templateUrl: 'angular/partials/dash.epubs.html'


And in my dashboard_controller.js file:

    angular.module("app").controller("DashboardController", function($scope, $location, $http, user, user_drive) {

      $scope.user =;
      $scope.user_drive =;


And in my dash.authors.html partial:

          <div class="col-sm-3" ng-repeat="author in user_drive.authors | orderBy:'title'">
              <a ui-sref="authors/{{author.title}}">
                 <div ng-repeat="img in user_drive.author_imgs | filter: { parent_id: }">
                   <img src="{{ img.img_src }}" alt="{{author.title}}" style="height:50px; border: 1px solid black;">

So, when I click on the anchor tag with the ui-sref of "authors/{{author.title}}", I get that error.

I ended up renaming my states using the dot-style syntax. AFAIK, the problem was that I wasn't actually prepending the child state name with its exact parent state name (eg: 'dashboard' and '') because I thought I just had to set the parent property inside the state (eg: "parent: 'dashboard',") and just name the child state whatever I wanted.