TFS build definition freezes when connecting remote machines


When connecting to a remote TFS 2010 installation via my Visual Studio 2010, Process tab of Build Definition freezes. Everything seems to be disabled. Is there any work-around?


By freezing I mean:

I can navigate to all tabs: General, Trigger, Workspace, Build Defaults, Process and Retention Policy. Except for Process tab, they all are working as excpected. When I click Process tab, it is showed, but none of parameters are shown, and the tab itself is in gray. Actually nothing could be clicked. It is like that Visual Studio is waiting for something to be completed or loaded.


I have explored that when I leave Visual Studio alone for a long time about 20 or 30 minutes, the Process tab goes normal. That means all parameters appears and can be edited. That seems downloading or getting something from server causes this very very long delay.

You might want to check out exactly what rights you have on that server with regards to administrating builds. and

I think one of the main ones is "edit build definition"

If you don't have rights, then there won't be a workaround.

The only things I can really think of at this point is to put a sql monitor on the TFS Database and possibly, watch the network traffic to see how the network interface is being used.

It's possible that something is wrong on the database server causing a huge amount of load. The other possibility is that the network is badly configured and running at 1Mb instead of 100Mb+.

Beyond those, I'd say call MS Support and open a trouble ticket. This is by no means normal and is likely indicative of some underlying hardware or installation issue.