TFS Build: Access the Custom MSBuild File in the Sequence Control Stream


I am having hard times attempting to perform the simplest operation: run the custom MSBuild script (placed within dedicated "BuildScripts" folder) from the Lab test running build definition. What it is supposed to do prior to test execution is to trigger the child build, get the built sources and perform the modification of the config file by the means of MSBuild script. And that is what I struggle with. Supposing I have specified the build scripts folder among source settings (mapped to $(SourceDir)) and I use the MSBuild activity for running the script, what do I specify in the path for project file location?

Would appreciate any hints you might share.

Thank you.

If I understand your requirement correctly, you can select the MSBuild script file in Build Process as soon as you have uploaded the file into Version Control.

Clicking the button below:

You will get a dialog to select the solution or project you want to build:

And then click "Add..." button, you will be able to select the file from Version Control.