TeamCity: When the construction is successful, press Git Repo


Can TeamCity push successful builds to a git repository?

I cannot see a specific build step in TeamCity to do this.
I use the version 7.1.1 of TeamCity

Thanks, Henrik


Ok thanks for your answer, I find it a bit complicated. I found out that I can simply push back tags on successful builds to my global repository from which TeamCity fetches data for the build. I can pull changes from it and see whether the last commits were successful.

I would be happy if TeamCity provided a simple option for this kind of workflow!

It would be awesome if every developer could just pull from a repo that is only updated when the build is successful, or am I wrong here?

You can have TeamCity execute a shell script that subsequently calls git push (with appropriate arguments, e.g. git push <repository> to push to a different repository). Do make sure that git doesn't need interactive authentication for the push operation.

A related example (deploy to Heroku using a git push) can be found here: