Talk simple CSV & amp; Obtain values ​​with variables in PHP


This is probably a really simple thing to do, but I'm struggling. I've got a CSV file formatted like so;

"Afrojack","The Spark"
"All About She","Higher"
"Banks","This Is What It Feels Like"
"Bastille","Of The Night"
"Basto!","Gregory's Theme"

What I want to do is, load this data using PHP so that I can call the first and second items individually within a foreach loop. For example (the above data is an artist, and then a track name);

foreach (*this is also where I'm stuck*) {
    echo "Artist: $artist <br/>";
    echo "Track: $track <br />;

I'm not really a PHP guy, so I'd usually do this in javascript and use JSON, but in this instance it needs to be CSV and PHP :(

Can someone help point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

As you only asked for a point in the right direction, here you go: fgetcsv.