Switching between the editor and Logcat via shortcut does not work correctly


pressing CTRL+F7 in Eclipse 3.7.2 gives me a small dialog to switch between views. (as ALT+TAB for system windows)

Most of my views are docked as "fast views" to keep my workspace clean. Jumping between all views including logcat works perfect, but not between logcat and the editor, here nothing happens The depreceated logcat view works as it should.

Clicking the small icon on the bottom shows logcat, but shortcut does not work.

Anyone has that problem too and has a solution for it? It's pain in the a** to use the mouse to open logcat all the time.

Thanks for your answers.

Thanks for the shortcut. On windows, I can switch between the 'Log Cat' and the 'Editor' by pressing ctrl+f7.

To navigate to some other window perspective, use the keyboard without lifting the ctrl button.