SVN - Can not Retrieve a Previously Deleted and Restored File in the Repo


There're files/folders that were deleted and then re-added to the repository.

svn update > gives me the right-updated revision. files and folders are correctly displayed in the svn repository, if I run 'svn update' 'svn diff' my workspace folder seems in sync but the files/folders are not checked out... any idea of what the problem is?

If I check out the project from scratch once again the files/folders are checked out correctly

You might be running into the following problem

From the article:

With an 1.6.1 client, there's a situation where new files aren't fetched in an update.

This happens when adding a new folder with --depth=empty, which is what TSVN uses to avoid that files which the user doesn't want to add get added automatically too. See the comments in the script.

The solution (thanks wcoenen):

svn update --set-depth infinity