Support for adding files to the source control


I have set up a server to handle my source control with Visual Svn Server. I have created a repository with the normal folder layout of trunk, tags, branches. All good so far.

On my local pc I have replicated the folder structure of trunk, tags and branches. Within the trunk and branches folders I have a Visual Studio solution in each along with some other files such as a word doc which is not part of the visual studio solution.

I am using Ankhsvn add in for visual studio and also tortoisesvn.

I want to Ankhsvn to check in/out files etc for visual studio and tortoisesvn for the other files.

I am wondering how I add the local files to my subversion repository?

Save yourself the trouble with Ankh and install TortoiseSVN. If you want to add a file it's a simple right-click > TortoiseSVN > Add.

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