Subversion checkout in shared hosting?


I know that shared hostings don't allow svn installation.

I got question about whats the best way to copy website from repository to shared hosting.


My repository is on other VPS.

I do checkout to my computer and then copy all to shared hosting.

how i can copy data from repo to hosting with one step?

If you have SSH access to the target webserver, give rsync and scp a look:

I would not advise installing Subversion server (either svnserve or via apache) on a production web server. Nor would I advise just copying, or checking out, a working copy on to the web server. Too many security issues.

Basically, what you want to do is generate a local copy of the site in your staging area, and then rsync (or scp) it to the production server.

You can do this manually, or better yet, make a small "deploy site" shell script that will:

  1. svn export the version/tag you want to deploy in to a clean local folder.
  2. rsync this folder to the production server.

Hope this helps... Good luck! :)