Subversion: Checkout Error - Mac OS 10.5


I'm running Mac OS 10.5

I'm trying to do a checkout of a online repository to a local folder, using the svn checkout command:

svn checkout [url] --username [username] --password [password] [targetfolder]

It starts adding files to my new working directory as expected, but then throws the following error:

svn: In directory 'svn/trunk/webservices/admin/system/application/controllers'
svn: Can't copy 'svn/trunk/webservices/admin/system/application/controllers/.svn/tmp/text-base/contentPanel.php.svn-base' to 'svn/trunk/webservices/admin/system/application/controllers/.svn/tmp/contentPanel.php.tmp.tmp': No such file or directory

I've tried to use:

  • SCPlugin,
  • svnX,
  • fink's subversion client, (1.4.4)
  • collabnet's subversion package (subversion 1.6.2, includes 1.4.6 svn-client).

...and all result in the same error when trying to create the working directory.

An svn export of the same repo works fine. So something in the .svn folders for that directory is amiss?

The repo-admin says he managed to do a checkout to a clean local folder on his ubuntu machine without issue.

What else can I try to get this local working directory up? I need to work on this source too!


A shot in the dark -- is it possible that that there's another file in the same directory that varies only in case? For example ContentPanel.php or contentpanel.php? As I recall, on OS X (depending on how your file system is set up), this can cause some issues when you try to check files out...

The target file being .tmp.tmp seems to indicate this...

Here's a link I just found...

We had this issue on our repository recently and it was very puzzling for a while.

Is the online repository public? If so, can you provide it so we can take a look...?