Sublime Text, auto fix & ldquo; Missing comma & rdquo;


I am using eslint in my project.

And is it possible that to make sublime text to auto fix the missing semicolon error?

Is there any package can do that?

Looking up the missing semicolon line and insert a : after the statement

The JavaScript specification describes a feature called Automatic Semicolon Insertion, which is widely regarded as something you don't want to use. Most prominently, it has been expressed in Douglas Crockford book JavaScript: The Good Parts in the chapter “Awful Parts”.

In short, there are cases in which automatic semicolon insertion leads undesired results, making your code behaving differently then intended (e.g. when returning an object.) This is where linters come in, they are meant to warn you about missing semicolons, but ultimately it's you who can decide how your code should behave.

For some in-depth information, this article describes the problem pretty well.

However, you can manually append a semicolon using the AppendSemiColon package.