Studio visual 2012 - the inhabitants have disappeared


While debugging VS2012 I have found that I can no longer access variable values:

  • The Locals window does not show anything (pictured below).
  • The Watch window tells me "Unable to evaluate the expression" for any expression (also pictured below). My personal favourite is that it cannot evaluate true.
  • And mousing-over any variable does not show any values tool-tip.

What I've tried:

Restarting Visual Studio

Restarting my computer

Checking that the loaded modules shows debug symbols are loaded

Uninstalling the TeamCity plugin that I installed yesterday

Looking under Tools/Options/Debugging for anything obvious (and disabling other extensions that had been working fine)

EDIT: I've also tried creating a new solution.

I've also noticed that the call stack shows several blank lines where I presume there are supposed to be external method names (pictured above) - I'm not sure if this is relevant, but it is worth mentioning.

I've eventually managed to sort this out by myself - so I'll give my solution here in case anyone else has the same problem:

I found that in Tools->Options->Debugging->Symbols was pointing to an old NuGet symbol server. Somehow a wrong symbol server looked like it was taking down the entire Locals and Immediate Window systems.

Updating the symbol server fixed my problems.