Strange behavior with stack view on iPhone 6 more


I tried stackView as a newly swift dev, they are really convenient for layout related issue but, I still have a strange behavior on the iPhone 6 plus screen (see picture below)

  • 3 image are in a stackView
  • StackView is in a cell, who is in a tableview obviously.
  • StackView constraint are set to be top,left,right 0 to the cell and 80% of the cell height

here is the result :

- result on iPhone 6 - | - result on iPhone 6 plus -


  1. the miss-sized view happen only on iPhone 6 plus and not on iPhone 6S plus

  2. with a constant of +14, in my case, on the cell percentage, the issue disappear (but size are no more in my design guideline)


Have you tried constraining the three images to have equal heights?