Strange behavior with parentheses in path


There is a strange behavior with PowerShell when there are square brackets in a path. For instance, if you are in the folder:

C:\Some Movie [2011]

which contains an mkv file and you type:

ls *.mkv

nothing is returned! I think the problem lies with the fact that PowerShell tries to do something like:

Get-ChildItem 'C:\Some Movie [2011]\*.mkv'

which fails because [2011] is considered a wildcard. I was able to retrive all mkv from such a folder with the following command:

Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'C:\Some Movie [2011]' -Include *.mkv

but when I try to feed those results in a Rename-Item command it fails.

Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'C:\Some Movie [2011]' -Include *.mkv | Rename-Item -NewName "movie.mkv"

The same operations in a folder without brackets runs without problems. Any ideas?

See my comment on your question (above). this will work if as you expect in case there's only one mkv file in that folder. Rename-Item doesn't support LiterlPath (fixed in v3), you can resort to .NET. I also recommend (when you filter for just one extension) to use -Filter instead of Include, it performs faster.

Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'D:\Some Movie [2011]' -Filter *.mkv | Foreach-Object{
    $NewName = Join-Path -Path $_.DirectoryName -ChildPath 'movie.mkv'