Starting a new project with Cordova 2-7-0, can not create command line


I am trying to create a new porject with the latest version of cordova. I am following the instructions here but I get stuck at the Start New Project command line section

I follow the instruction where it says open the command line tool, drop the 'bin' file in and enter the following:

./create ~/Documents/CordovaXY/HelloWorld org.apache.cordova.HelloWorld HelloWorld

But when I hit enter all the command line says is

No such file or directory

Is there anyway to do this without using command line?


Using the command line is probably the easiest way to do it, so keep trying!

I would run just the command


without parameters. If you get a warning message and a list of possible flags and parameters then this means that your problem is in the parameters

~/Documents/CordovaXY/HelloWorld org.apache.cordova.HelloWorld HelloWorld

and not the command itself.

My guess is that you have to create the CordovaXY directory.

Otherwise, double check that the 'Xcode Command Line Tools' are correctly installed. The page you linked states "Cordova uses the command line to create a new application project. To access the Xcode tools from the command line an additional download is required."