SSL Certificate - basic or generic question


I am not sure if I need a basic or wildcard certificate and how many.
1) I assume 1 certificate goes in 1 server - so if I have 2 web servers then i need 2 certificates?

2) From what I read wildcard is only needed for subdomains. But what about if i have the same main domain but just use subdomains for multilanguage? like my site is say and when someone is viewing it in british english i change it to:

In the above case will a basic certificate work or is this a wildcard?

Two web servers usually have different host names (if it's not a cluster). So you need protect both host names.

An HTTP certificate protects the host name, so a certificate for "" is only for this domain. Wildcard allows subdomains, i.e. "*" allows all names e.g. "" and "", but more expencive, however you can use the same certificate on several servers.