SSH and SCP from Windows with Python 3


I've Been stuck here for days. I want to copy a file from my windows to a remote linux server and run the script there. I've tool for ssh and scp. from which I can call the linux server through command line but when I call it through python it gets hanged.

pro=subprocess.Popen('ssh [email protected]')

there is a blank screen. whatever I type then after appear to my screen. I was hoping there should be a password prompt but there isn't any. I thought of using library like paramiko, pexpect, pyssh but none of them are supported in Python 3

Any help is highly appreciated.

I'm not sure it can be converted by 2to3

but it's rather simple to use:

from fabric.api import run, env
from fabric.context_managers import hide
from fabric.colors import green

with hide('status', 'running', 'output'):
    print('Apache ' + + ': ' + green(run('wget -q -O /dev/null http://localhost/ && echo OK'))) comes from command line, twisted couch is another alternative but it's not yet ported to py3k