SQL Server - How to convert the first character to uppercase after the '/'


I have a question on how to convert the first next char to uppercase after the '/' sign in the string.

As an example :

CustomerName : ramayanan s/o vicky ratnam

First i need it in the propercase, so i use this :

dbo.table set CustomerName = dbo.ProperCase(CustomerName)

result : Ramayanan S/o Vicky Ratnam

but i need it to be as : Ramayanan S/O Vicky Ratnam (the first char after the / should be in uppercase)

Please check:

declare @T table(Insurance varchar(max))

insert into @T values ('roeselare')
insert into @T values ('BRUGGE')
insert into @T values ('ramayanan s/o vicky ratnam')

select (
       select upper(T.N.value('.', 'char(1)'))+
                lower(stuff(T.N.value('.', 'varchar(max)'), 1, 1, ''))+(CASE WHEN RIGHT(T.N.value('.', 'varchar(max)'), 1)='/' THEN '' ELSE ' ' END)
       from X.InsXML.nodes('/N') as T(N)
       for xml path(''), type
       ).value('.', 'varchar(max)') as Insurance
  select cast('<N>'+replace(
                '/', '/</N><N>'),
            ' ', '</N><N>')+'</N>' as xml) as InsXML
  from @T
  ) as X