Spring Security Does Not Hit the Default URL After Successful Authentication


I have implemented spring-security in my application, my spring-security.xml has following form-login tag.

<form-login login-page="/login.htm" default-target-url="/dashboard.htm"
            authentication-success-handler-ref="authenticationSuccessHandler" />

I want to login from /login.htm and after successful authetication I want user to hit dashboard.htm. Everythig is working fine except for the fact that after successfull authetication it doesn't hit /dashboard.htm but hits the context..but if I manually type dashboard.htm in url then everything works fine...Yes..I have the implementation of authticationSuccessHandler.

Try removing the default-target-url attribute and add the following:

<b:bean id="authenticationSuccessHandler" class="com.example.CustomSimpleURLAuthenticationSuccessHandler">
    <b:property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="/dashboard.htm"/>