SoundCloud iOS streams from other users


From what I have seen on these pages:


They only describe ways to stream audio from one's own user account.

I am building an app that will take in requests from a website and pull soundcloud links from it, and the links are not from my own account. Is there a way to stream from random users with just a link given?

Further, when pulling data from the JSON API on the website, this is the string that I receive\

Which is the result of the embed code for the song. Do I have to do anything to the URL to convert it to a different format?

And.... Is there a way to get the waveform to show up as well?

I am developing for ios6 and am on xcode 4.5.2

I figured it out for the most part.

The only part of the Souncloud API that I will be using is the registration on their website, to get the actual stream link I input this string with the two input variables of my client id and the track id that i pulled from the given link into my connection request:[track_id]@.json?client_id=[client_id]

This json also has the Waveform, I believe I will have to implement the player manually.

Anyone know of a good streaming player to use?