Simulate iPhone 3.0 with SDK 4.0


i have xcode 3.1.3 and xcode 3.2.1 installed

For sure now I use 3.2.1 with Sdk 4 to develop new apps. But what if I like to test a App compiled with sdk 4 on a simulated iphone that would just have 3.0??

As BaseSDk i use 4.0 and as target 3.0

In xcode 3.1.3 i could select a simulator down to 2.x but with sdk 4.0 i only have the option 4.0 iphone or 3.2 ipad

Example> i know iAd is not supported before 4.0 so I set the framework to weak. But just to be sure all works fine I really would like to test my app in a simulator that simulates an iphone with 3.0

thx chris

The new simulator does not seem to be able to run the old simulator OSs (3.2 being the oldest it'll run). I tried moving them over from old SDK installs and several variations and "no go".

You can check that you aren't using methods defined in the new SDK, when you set the base SDK to 4.0 but set the Deployment to to 3.1.3, for example. For a blog post on how to do this see this blog post, and note my comment on an easier way to do the last two steps (no need to edit the project file as a text file).