Should I use "hardware" to write NFC data on an empty label?


I am a newbie developer but trying to develop an android app. I want to some functions of my app are run by NFC tag. But I'm a poor newbie, so I cannot solve questions below;

I tried NFC demo in android SDK with my nexus S, but that is just for NDEF data. I think I should use foregrounddispatch() function.. NXP tag read/writer also don't have a function which enable write programming into tags. it is just for writing URL and text.

When searching empty tag providers I saw few providers are selling additional tag read/writer like normal RFID developer kit. Should I use that kind hardware to write my code to a empty tag?

Thank you very much!

Should I use 'hardware' to write NFC data to a empty tag?

You do not have a choice. You need hardware that writes to NFC tags if you want to write to NFC tags. That hardware could be an NFC-capable Android device, or possibly some other sort of reader/software combination.

There is NXP tag read/writer app in android market but the app is for NDEF data, not for code.

You do not put code on an NFC tag. You put data on an NFC tag.