Sharing Connection and Multithreading for TCP Socket?


I have a java application(say A) which communicate with an application(say B) via TCP Socket. My java application is multithreaded, can handle up to 100 threads. To communicate between A --> B we have 10 sockets.

Challenges -

  1. Connection Pooling - need connection pooling mechanism to handle n(say 100) number of thread(of application A), communicating to application B via x(say 10) number of TCP Socket.

  2. Multithreading - How can two thread access same socket send the request one by one and get back the response mapped to appropriate thread.

  3. Multiple request - Is it possible that two thread can send the request on single socket simultaneously.

Can we over come this challenge via any framework? Is it possible? I heard that Spring Integration/ApacheCamel/Local MQ can resolve this solutions. Any examples.

With Spring Integration:

  1. CachingClientConnectionFactory
  2. TcpOutboundGateway (with CachingClientConnectionFactory).
  3. Collaborating Outbound and Inbound Channel Adapters.

But you have to do your own request/reply collaboration (usually based on something in the message); the replies may not come back in the order they were sent. Since there is no standard way to perform that collaboration, the framework doesn't support it itself.