Shadow / Filter does not work, that is, after animation like fadeIn


Guys Need your help. I have a shadow applied to Div thru CSS, but in ie shadow doesn't show with animation like .fadeIn or .show("slow") Initially Div hidden(display:none) I also tried to apply style right after animation, but with now luck.

$(document).ready(function() {
 var obj = $('#message')
    //; //Working
    obj.fadeIn("slow"); //NOT Working

Here is my code jsFiddle

Is anything can be done for ie or not?

Thanx a lot.

Found an answer in this Post

Just need to add this to my js or Plugin Code

jQuery.fn.fadeIn = function(speed, callback) {
return this.animate({opacity: 'show'}, speed, function() {
    if (jQuery.browser.msie)'filter');
    if (jQuery.isFunction(callback))


Thank you Nick Lowman