Set / p of the input file only works for the first line in the batch file


I have a very simple problem in windows batch programming, yet I did not find the answer in the existing questions.

I want to fill the content of 3 variables with input from a text file (3 lines, one for each variable), and use set /p. But it seems this works only for the first line, not the others.

Here is a reproducible example:

I launch this batch file (test.bat):

@echo off
 set /p Line1=
 set /p Line2=
 set /p Line3=
echo I read the following parameter from your %1 config file:
echo -- Content of line 1:           %Line1%
echo -- Content of line 2:           %Line2%
echo -- Content of line 3:           %Line3%

The argument file is test.txt:

The line 1
The line 2
The line 2 copied

Then, I just launch 'test.bat test.txt', with the following result:

I read the following parameter from your test.txt config file:

-- Content of line 1:           The line 1
-- Content of line 2:
-- Content of line 3:

Why do the lines 2 and 3 from test.txt are not takken up and the correspnding variables line2 and line3 empty?

I can reproduce your problem if test.txt contains Unix line breaks 0x0A, and it works if it contains windows line breaks (0x0D 0x0A). So if that is also the source of your problem convert the line breaks in your test.txt.