Sending mail with css does not apply in zend


I am using zend.Following is my piece of code in my Action

 // create view object
                $html = new Zend_View();
                $html->setScriptPath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/layouts/scripts/');
                // assign values                

                $html->assign('OrderList', $this->view->OrderList);
                $html->assign('title', 'Package Slip');
                $html->assign('current_date', date("F d, Y"));

                // render view
                $bodyText = $html->render('test.phtml');
                $mail = new Zend_Mail('utf-8');
                ->setFrom('[email protected]', 'admin')
                ->addTo('[email protected]')

When I echo this $bodyText variable before sending mail, I got complete page with css. But when i send it to mail, css is not applying. What i have to do here? Kindly advice

Many email clients utilise old version of html and therefore do not respect css. Gmail for instance will not respect any css you add to your message.

To view output, I suggest using either litmus or email on acid which displays how your message will look across a range of email clients.