Send SMS without user Interaction iPhone


I have seen an application which name is "Glympse". In this application sms is sending without user interaction which is not possible for iPhone. I have show in my device log that "Glympse" application call mfmessagecontroller.

Jul 10 16:24:13 unknown Glympse[3004] <Warning>: GlympseAppDelegate::sendViaSMSWithMessage:toRecipient:withDelegate:
Jul 10 16:24:13 unknown Glympse[3004] <Warning>: 0
Jul 10 16:24:13 unknown Glympse[3004] <Warning>: presentModalViewController
Jul 10 16:24:14 unknown Glympse[3004] <Warning>: messageComposeViewController:didFinishWithResult:
Jul 10 16:24:14 unknown CommCenter[57] <Notice>: queuing sms message with id 584
Jul 10 16:24:14 unknown SpringBoard[52] <Error>: mms: queued messageId 584

In my application I also need that so how i implement that?

Thanks in advance.

With MFMessageComposerViewController it is not possible to send without user interaction.

You have to take SMS gateway and implement your own way of sending SMS, than only it is possible. Like you have to create webservice and accept parameters from iPhone like phonenumber and message and than send SMS using SMS gateway.

Hope this helps.