Select content on the left


Bit of a weird question.

Is there any way to select (either via jQuery, JS or CSS) divs which are on the left within a container?

I'm working on a site here which has the divs set in masonry so there's not an odd, even or every X number of divs using nth-child as the divs that are on the left change based on the content height. I need to select the divs are on touching the left hand side of the container to change their widths and padding appropriately to fit the layout.

Cheers... sorry for the convoluted question - hopefully the site helps.


Of course it's possible!

here is the selector code for jquery :

$('.masonry-brick[style*="left: 0px"]');

this selecting masonry divs on the left. and you can do whatever you want to them like this:

$('.masonry-brick[style*="left: 0px"]').css('background-color','red');