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this far i've been working on projects without using any build manager, i've used Maven just once before and found it pretty useful, so i'd like to start implementing it on my new projects.

I'm starting a Web application that uses Hibernate, JPA, Struts2, log4j, Ajax, Apache Commons Jquery and Junit but i'm failing epicly at finding the right dependency declarations to include in my Maven pom.

Is there some up to date list of the repos, artifact id's, etc that i could use?

Thanks in advance!

This is what I use:

Apart from this I use

I have these repositories in my pom.xml

      <name> Repository for Maven</name>

Just realized that there is an plug-in for Firefox to look into see here:

Thank you @S├ębastien Le Callonnec

NOTE: This tool seems to be bit old, on FireFox 3.6, it says, "This search engine isn't supported by Firefox and can't be installed." Sorry for misinformation.