Run the method 100 times and save each execution in a 2D array


I am writing my code in Java

I have a method that returns an array which contains 24 values

I want to run this method 100 times and i want to save the result in 2 dimensional array.

I want to save each run for this method in a row

This is my code

int[][] multiArray = new int[101][24];
    for (int n= 0; n<multiArray.length; n++){
        for(int nn = 0; nn<multiArray[n].length;nn++){

            for(int s =0; s<100;s++){
                ActionArray =Functionss (ff, b, d, e);
                multiArray [n][nn] = ActionArray[s];

            multiArray [n][nn] = ActionArray[nn];

            System.out.print(multiArray [n][nn]+"   ");

        Function xy return Object[24];

    Object[][] arr = new Object[100][24];
    for(int i = 0; i < 100; i++{

    for(int j= 0; j <24 ; j++){
    arr[i][j] = returnof(xy)[j];

Is this the solution u need (Pseudo code ;) )? I dont understand the question i think :)