Run IIS 7 and JBoss AS 7 simultaneously from a Windows 2008 server


Does anybody know how to allow both IIS 7 and JBoss AS 7 to run and host applications on a Windows 2008 Server? I have a Windows 2008 VPS that I have hosting some ASP.NET websites and apps via IIS through port 80, the default. Now I want to host some JBoss Seam web apps (and RESTEasy web services), which presumably I will need to do on another port (eg. 8080).

I have modified the standalone.xml configuration file in JBoss AS in the standalone configuration folder so that the socket binding name "http" runs from port 8080. However the server is not responding when I try to request my apps that are running on JBoss AS from browsers on other machines outside the server, eg:

... does not return any response. When I use


... to browse on the server itself, I can load web page and applications from JBoss AS just fine. So surely there is either a Windows setting or JBoss AS setting that requires changing to get this to work.

Any help much appreciated.

You need to make jboss as 7 instance bind against the ip that resolves to

you can do that by running jboss as:

standalone.bat -b <EXTERNALIP>